Organizational Constellations
Thursday, May 19, 2005
  A diagnostic tool for creative strategic development

The constellation process: Integration in the 5 ‘Relationship’ model

When setting up a constellation it is necessary for everyone involved to be willing participants. They need to be prepared to be actively involved in a process that will require experimentation. This is the working alliance, coming together (The first element of ‘Relationship’).

The 5 elements of ‘Relationship’ are at the core of all work undertaken by Mind Gliding . Mind Gliding is a relationship catalyst. It is the enzyme that optimises performance in businesses or with individuals.

Once the working alliance has been agreed, it provides the secure foundation to explore an issue that has been identified by a group member. When the constellation is in place, the person who has set up the constellation then steps back, away from being ‘entangled’ in the current dynamic. Observation of the constellation will gain a new perspective and awareness of what is currently happening: the benefit from super-vision.

Once a secure environment has been established, it is the possible to explore and experiment.

The exploration involves setting up a living representation of a current issue, including all the emotional entanglements that are part of that set of circumstances. This highlights the second element of ‘Relationship’ - What is obstructing and preventing development and progress. By creating an externalised, physical representation of what is happening, the challenges become more apparent, opening the way to experiment with creative solutions.

The third element of ‘Relationship’ - Identifying how to move forward in a way that benefits all concerned - provides an opportunity for those involved in the constellation to move into creative experimentation with different ways of interacting.

The results and outcomes of the experiments will provide an intuitive indication of how to move towards a desired outcome. These intuitive indications can be translated into practical everyday useable reality and create an increased awareness of the fourth element of ‘Relationship’ - Identifying an ideal way of operating and being together.

Having arrived at this, those involved can take the experiential learning gained from the constellation to move onto the fifth element of ‘Relationship’ - How to maintain and sustain an optimum state- : This optimum state of operating that fully embodies the previously identified ideal way of operating and being together. When an optimum configuration is arrived at, the person who set up the original constellation places them self back into the newly configured constellation to experience the resolution.

At last somebody is writing some sensible stuff about constellation work, without getting caught up in their own obstructive therapeutic jargon.
Well done!
Certainly an interesting theory.
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Constellations provide a living map of a particular situation. By physically representing all the different parts, constellations provide an innovative way of understanding problems as well as opening up new possibilities for solutions.

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